Triangle - The Complete Series
(mit Co-Autorin Romelle Engel)

- Mein englischer Originalroman zu "Böse Jungs" (Langversion) -


What if the wrong guy turns out to be just right for you?

When James falls in love with Casey, he knows he is in for trouble. Not only is Casey his best friend, he is also straight - or so James thinks, until notorious heartbreaker Danny Rizzo completely shakes things up. With troubled Nick adding his very own demons to the mix, nothing is set, and no-one is safe from surprises. Soon James finds himself faced with the question: Who does he really want to be with? For only one of them will stand by him as he struggles to face a chilling secret buried in his past...

Four guys in college, four points of view. Who will get their happy ending?

Book 1: Triangle
Book 2: Redefinitions
Book 3: Recast
Book 4: Redemption


ISBN: 9781476293110
Verlag: Noxalibri
Genres: Gay Romance, New Adult
Länge: Roman
Seitenzahl: 368
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 01.05.2012

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I pretend not to notice as Rizzo saunters over. His motions are smooth, like a big cat approaching certain prey. It looks like walking, but instead is a highly advanced art form. I force myself to look the other way. I wonder, for the thousandth time, why does someone like him hang out with Casey and me?

"Foley. Got a smoke?" He sits down on the back of the bench beside me. Enthroned above me, all hail the king of the world. Typical. As if I didn't feel common and ugly enough in comparison anyway.

"I don't smoke. You should know that by now."

The tiniest of smiles flashes across his lips, but he just shrugs. In this light his eyes are so black you can't see the pupils. Dark chocolate. I wonder what that mouth tastes like.

"You waiting for Mills?"

"What makes you think so?"

"Don't you always?"

Great. He's known me all of five minutes and thinks he's already figured me out? Only that, judging by the tone of his voice - Christ. I glance at him through narrow eyes. All alarms go off, and I freeze inwardly. Does he know? Has he actually somehow, miraculously picked up on my feelings for Casey?

Rizzo cracks a sly smile that can probably get him laid anytime, anywhere, but I choose to ignore it. I know it drives him nuts not to get any reaction. "What? It's true, isn't it?"

"It's also none of your business."

"You're hopeless, Foley. Bordering pathetic. What's the plan? To pine away forever? Why don't you two just get it over and done with?"

Okay. I think we can safely say that he knows. God help me. My heart sinks, and my mind begins to race. What are the options? I could either try to deny it, or simply kill him. Both would confirm his suspicion, the only difference being that the latter would give him less time to enjoy it. Now that's just great. I glance at him icily. "You don't know what you're talking about."

"If you say so."

"I do say so. I'd be happy to repeat it if you need to hear it again."

He looks at me with undisguised amusement. "I'm not much for repetition."

"No kidding. Stay the hell out of my affairs."

"Or what?"

"Or else."

"I'm terrified, Foley."

"As you should be."

He chuckles, but there's a dark flicker in his eyes. Cheeky bastard. This is just another one of the twisted little games he likes to play, isn't it? Why would he reveal to me that he's figured out what I feel for Casey if not to deliberately make me suffer? Like a cat, he loves to play with the mouse before he finishes it off. I wonder what Rizzo is waiting for, because as much as it hurts to admit, I think Casey is lying beneath his paws already. There is nothing I can do but stand on the sidelines and watch. And he knows, and he wants me to know that he does. That's the only reason he's even talking to me.
Rizzo doesn't talk about doing things. He just does them. It's different with Casey and me. We have meaningful conversations, and do nothing. I look into his eyes and he looks away, and then he looks into my eyes and I look away. There are moments when my mind tricks me into believing that there is some definite subtext in our friendship. But those moments pass, and I'm back to thinking that I must be crazy to even consider the possibility. Tragically, it is an urban myth that all straight guys are potentially gay. And yet, ever since Rizzo appeared on the scene, lines get blurred, and everything seems possible. For him. Not me. And that hurts. He seems to trigger something in Casey that I never could. And that is nothing short of a catastrophe. Casey is the first one to make me feel like I'm worth something, or even special. And people like Rizzo have made me feel like worthless shit for way longer than I want to remember.
Our eyes meet, he smiles at me, and for the first time it seems completely genuine. In this moment he is so damn beautiful it's almost hard to bear. I frown deeply. The amused little smirk returns to his lips. Irritatingly, but undeniably inviting.

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