Home for the Holidays
A "Triangle" Christmas Short Story


Fortsetzung von "Triangle - The Complete Series".

You are cordially invited to spend an unusual Christmas with James and Rizzo! As James tries to make it through the holidays in the wake of losing a loved one, he and Rizzo decide not to celebrate Christmas at all. But they soon find their place invaded by a host of old and new friends with plans of their own...


ISBN: 9781311495655
Verlag: Noxalibri
Genres: Gay Romance, New Adult
Länge: Kurzgeschichte/Novelle
Seitenzahl: 49
Serie: Triangle Series
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 30.11.2013

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Triangle - The Complete Series


Warm light is pouring out of the open living room door. I walk over and stop in my tracks to stare at the huge fir tree two strange men are putting up inside. "What the freaking heck is this?"

Danny, who is sitting at the grand piano, plays a couple of notes in reply and winks at me. Oh Christmas Tree. No kidding.

I frown as I drop my heavy schoolbag to the marble floor. "You ordered a tree?"

Danny looks at me, an amused little smile on his lips. "Do I look like I'd order a Christmas tree?"

"Well, how did that thing get in here if you didn't?"

One of the delivery guys feels the need to explain. "Oh, it's a standing order for…" he glances down at some paperwork, "a Mr. Graziano Rizzo. We deliver a fir on December 15th each year."

Danny and I exchange a puzzled glance. Grazzo's not even in town, but he has to have a tree, just in case? How absurd is that?

"What if we don't want it?" I inquire with a frown.

The delivery guy shrugs uneasily. "It's already been paid for." He looks from Danny to me uncertainly as his colleague finishes up. "Well, we're all done here."

Danny gets up to show them out. I can hear them talking quietly in German in the corridor, then I hear the elevator door close.

I tilt my head to the side when Danny returns. "You really weren't in on this?"

He puts his hands up innocently. Well, as innocent as Danny Rizzo can even manage to look. "No Christmassy business. I happily agreed to it, remember?"

"I didn't take your dad for the Secret Santa type."

"He's always been big on Christmas. Not so much on the whole 'peace on earth' deal, but he loves giving presents," Danny explains with a careless shrug. It's quiet now and we're awkwardly eyeing the huge piece of winter wonderland in the middle of the room.

"What are we gonna do with that thing?" I frown.

"We could make use of the fireplace," Danny suggests fiendishly.

I chuckle. "So I'm dating a stone cold Christmas tree murderer. Who knew?"

He laughs. "Or we could keep him, call him Norbert or something."

"Norbert?" I laugh and study the tree thoughtfully. "He does look a bit like a Norbert, actually."
Oh well, I guess that settles it. Norbert gets to stay. No way in hell I'm decorating him though. Because he is not a Christmas tree. He's just an enormous fir that's somehow standing in our living room. In December. Which could totally be a coincidence, right?

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